CRYPTIC HATRED – Internal Torment

Cryptic Hatred, internal torment

“Internal Torment” is the third studio album by the Finnish death metal band CRYPTIC HATRED from Helsinki.

The band’s live performance videos showcase the outstanding power of the vocalist’s voice.

The CRYPTIC HATRED’s strength extends beyond this. The album exemplifies a perfect blend of elements: growling, powerful vocals that sound fantastic both live and in the studio, rapid, sometimes machine-gun-like bass drums, and brilliant guitar riffs. The album consistently delivers an amazing sound, making it difficult to single out any one track for special mention.

Additionally, the album’s high-quality production stands out. The tracks are excellently mixed, showcasing the individual instruments and vocals perfectly.

CRYPTIC HATRED‘s third studio album is a hard-hitting, fast-paced, and sonically cohesive record that is truly enjoyable. This album represents the ideal of a perfect death metal album. Furthermore, the band’s live recordings on YouTube clearly demonstrate their impressive stage presence.


01. Death is Upon You
02. Breeding of Evil
03. Chasm of Void
04. Homicidal Intentions
05. Mesmerized by the Maligant Gaze
06. Tomb of Desecration
07. Mauled to Flesh
08. Beyond Hatred
09. The Passage
10. Internal Torment

Listen CRYPTIC HATRED – Internal Torment below:



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