DISTASTE: Cherish the Blast!


I recently caught up with DISTASTE to talk about their high-speed, DeathGrind sound, their thoughts on the Austrian metal scene, and what they’ve been up to lately. We also touched on their intense live shows and how they choose their setlists.

In a few sentences, tell us about DISTASTE.

Distaste is playing highspeed, Hm2 fueled DeathGrind with influences from all over the extreme metal spectrum.

Can you tell us about Austrian scene? Do you like to play or tour with any Austrian bands?

The Austrian scene is not really a place for deathgrind, most Austrians are into BlackMetal, Pagan, or other more mainstream genres. But there’s a lot of bands from different genres who we are good friends with and enjoy their music. We toured a couple of times with EWIG FROST, that was always big fun, touring with our old friends in MASTIC SCUM would also be cool, but for us it’s not important where the band is from. So in the last years we didn’t really tour with other Austrian bands.

In a 20 years of the band’s history, you only have four full-length albums and two splits. Is there a specific reason for this, or is it just the attitude of the whole band?

Haha, yeah admittedly we were a little lazy until our second album “Black Age of Nihil” but since that one we had steady output.

All your previous album were released on a different labels and you are planning re-release for your 2012 album “Black Age Of Nihil”. “Der Ertraeger und das Fleisch” was released last year for German label FDA Records. Are you satisfied with your professional relationship with them?

We’re pretty happy with FDA records and are planning to release our next album with them again!

distaste der ertraeger

Do you think it is now easier to book a gig than during the period before the infamous coronavirus?

For us it has gotten easier but I can plainly see that for the majority of the bands it’s gotten way worse. Especially young and new bands are having a way harder time getting booked than back in the day. Everything got worse.

I saw your gig at OEF 2024. It was intense but short, I must admit. How do you choose songs for this kind of short live performances?

Thank you! Yes, most of the bands during the day had only 25-30 minutes sets, which I think is a good length for a set of something so intense as a really fast deathgrind set. But choosing songs is always hard, we were arguing A LOT about which songs to cut 😂

Grindcore and extreme music genres are often associated with provocative artwork. How important is visual art to your music?

Very important. Our singer/guitarist Armin is doing all our visual arts, which he does for a living. So a lot of thought goes into our artworks. We are a DIY band still, Armin does all visual art, I do the recording mixing and mastering in the studio.

What inspirations and influences have shaped your sound and lyrics?

So many, ranging from German and Brazilian thrash, Florida, NY and Swedish DeathMetal to fast European Grindcore, some Crust and highspeed swedish BlackMetal, even some Sludge and Doom. Too many to name. For lyrics: it’s the classic “take a look around” approach. There’s plenty to be furious about.

What was the first show you ever played?

Actually I don’t know, I joined 2008/09 😅

Is there a gig you wish you had played?

Hm, maybe the first SEPULTURA Euro tour 😜 but we were little kids back then.

What was the greatest show you ever played?

Impossible to say. So many…

Are there any new bands worth mentioning?

Depending on what one would define as “new” I would say BARREN, WHORESNATION, THEOTOXIN, ENDONOMOS, VOR DIE HUNDE, TER ZIELE, TAEDIFER…

Where can people see you play in the future?

Upcoming shows are among others DeathFeast OA in Germany, Berlin DeathFest, and plenty of clubshows in central Europe.

Do you have a message for the fans?

Cherish the blast!



Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/distastegrind
Instagram: https://instagram.com/distastegrind
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DISTASTEgrind
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0gSPUjzIlgEduYY20r51El?si=am7RRsO5RSer8gDBcXc8WQ
Bandcamp: http://distastegrind.bandcamp.com/



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