GATECREEPER – Dark Superstition

Gatecreeper Dark Superstition

GATECREEPER have traveled a significant journey since their self-released demo ten years ago.

Rising from underground sensation to a notable “new wave of death metal” band, GATECREEPER’s progression has been marked by substantial leaps rather than gradual steps. Latest release “Dark Superstition” stands as a powerful declaration of the band’s ascent to the upper echelons of the death metal genre and beyond.

Mixing hardcore influences with traditional death metal sound, GATECREEPER masterfully balance old-school sensibilities with modern twists, appealing to both long-time and new fans of death metal.

What sets “Dark Superstition” apart from the rest of GATECREEPER’s discography is the increased focus on Wagner and Garza’s guitar mastery, especially their incorporation of Gothenburg-style melodic death metal riffs. This addition creates a potent and captivating mix. The title track features a melodic riff that transitions into a fierce, demonic churn, delivering a visceral impact. They couldn’t master better riff that this one to open this album. “A Chilling Aura” follows a similar pattern, pairing melodic elements with an uptempo rhythm reminiscent of a runaway tank.

Although vocals can seem somewhat one-dimensional, if his performance is the weak link, it indicates a remarkably strong chain overall. Arrebollo’s contributions to tracks like “Oblivion” provide power and cohesion, binding together the diverse elements GATECREEPER embrace.

However, just as the album seems consistently brilliant, “Tears From The Sky” slows it all. This track shifts the album’s runaway train energy into a sluggish lurch, stumbling to the finish line. leaving it with a feeling more like a mercy than a triumph. While this approach worked in parts of other songs like “Flesh Habit,” the balance falters here at the album’s conclusion.

Despite this misstep, “Dark Superstition” remains a solid album poised to feature in album of the year discussions. GATECREEPER continue to build on their strengths, incorporating new elements without losing the essence that brought them this far. Some say it is more commercial than previous releases, but we’ll have to wait until future releases to see where are GATECREEPER is heading.


01. Dead Star
02. Oblivion
03. The Black Curtain
04. Masterpiece Of Chaos
05. Superstitious Visions
06. A Chilling Aura
07. Caught In The Treads
08. Flesh Habit
09. Mistaken For Dead
10. Tears Fall From The Sky

Listen GATECREEPER – Dark Superstition below:

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