LACERATION releases “I Erode” on July 26

laceration i erode

Following the scorching release of their ‘Demise’ LP in 2021, Bay Area’s LACERATION has partnered with 20 Buck Spin to unleash their second album, ‘I Erode’.

Years of dedication and refinement have culminated in LACERATION ‘s most confident and vicious material to date.

Brimming with hallmarks of US Death Metal’s peak era, ‘I Erode’ bursts forth with relentless riffs, ferocious tempos, skillfully executed solos, and the malevolent undertones of aggressive Death Thrash perfection. The album masterfully balances technical precision with straightforward aggression, combining high-speed assaults with mid-paced breaks, resulting in a concise and varied attack. ‘I Erode’ delivers an addictive dose of pure Death Metal adrenaline, evoking the lineage of DEMOLITION HAMMER, MORGOTH, AND SUFFOCATION.

While it may invoke a sense of nostalgia, LACERATION ‘s evolved confidence and dedication to relentless execution ensure that ‘I Erode’ stands out in any era. Their commitment to the timelessness of Death Metal and maintaining high standards is more evident than ever.

Recorded by Matt Harvey of EXHUMED / GRUESOME and mixed and mastered by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios (known for work with UNDERGANG, VASTUM, ULTHAR, HIGH ON FIRE), ‘I Erode’ features artwork by James Bousema (FROZEN SOUL, KERRY KING, CELESTIAL SANCTUARY, MORGUL BLADE).


1. Degradation (Intro)
2. Excised
3. Sadistic Enthrallment
4. Vile Incarnate
5. Dreams Of The Formless
6. Carcerality
7. Strangled By Hatred
8. Impaling Sorrow
9. I Erode

As a promotion to a new record, LACERATION released video for “Excised”. Listen it below.



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