MORTAL WOUND – The Anus of the World

mortal wound the anus of the world

“The Anus Of The World,” MORTAL WOUND’s debut full-length album is released today via Dark Descent Records on CD, cassette, and digital formats while the vinyl edition and additional cassette orders are being managed by Me Saco Un Ojo Records.

The Vietnam War era was a grim chapter in U.S. history. This unpopular conflict was driven by questionable ideologies and murky politics, leading to a tragic and futile outcome. Its horrors have inspired nihilistic films and literature, making it an apt backdrop for the debut album by Los Angeles death metal band MORTAL WOUND. “The Anus of the World” is a brutal, groove-heavy OSDM record, echoing the raw ferocity of bands like SANGUISUGABOGG and CANNIBAL CORPSE. This album is an unrelenting dive into gore and terror, not for the faint-hearted.

Filled with soundbites from Vietnam War films like Apocalypse Now, Platoon, and Full Metal Jacket, the album immerses listeners in its blood-soaked atmosphere right from the opening track, “Found Dead in a Bush.” The band’s style is direct and heavy, featuring thick death grooves, unintelligible vocals, and pounding drums. Tracks like “Tunnel Rat” and “Engulfed in Liquid Hellfire” showcase their primitive, forceful approach, with the latter incorporating early Death-styled guitar work amidst brutal grooves. “Spirit of the Bayonet” stands out with its Bolt Thrower influence and relentless riffs.

However, the album’s rudimentary, chaotic nature requires precision, and not all tracks hit the mark. “Drug Filled Cadaver” feels overly simplistic, and “Born Again Hard” suffers from excessive length. Some tracks are bloated, affecting the overall impact. Despite this, the 43-minute runtime is reasonable, and the effective use of movie soundbites adds to the album’s grim atmosphere.

Sam Shriver and Peter King, both from LAKE OF BLOOD, deliver crushing riffs without technical frills, focusing on sheer aggression. Sam’s vocals are guttural and fittingly brutal, enhancing the album’s theme. MORTAL WOUND’s straightforward brutality works well, but they need to refine their approach and trim excess to achieve greater impact.

“The Anus of the World” is a dark, primal journey through a horrific period in history. By emphasizing savagery over melancholy, MORTAL WOUND captures the era’s senselessness and insanity. While the album has flaws, its strengths are powerful, and the atmosphere is spot-on. This release has sparked anticipation for MORTAL WOUND’s future work, as they have a compelling, destructive formula. The horror… the horror…


1. Found Dead in a Bush 05:16
2. Tunnel Rat 03:46
3. The Surf is Gonna Be Bitchin’ 00:43
4. Drug Filled Cadaver 04:42
5. One Who Kills & One Who Loves 01:56
6. Born Again Hard 05:35
7. Engulfed in Liquid Hellfire 05:39
8. The Worm Has Turned for You 01:29
9. Spirit of the Bayonet 03:14
10. Even the Jungle Wanted Him Dead 01:45
11. Royally Fucked Forever 05:48



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