New FEED THEM DEATH album out this June!

feed them death, the malady

FEED THEM DEATH are about to release their fourth full-length album “The Malady” for Brucia Records.

The new album will be released on June 20th, 2024 on digital and a special limited edition containing CD, Tape with low-fi one take rehearsals, a personalized notebook and a pin all placed inside a black mortuary bag.

3 years exactly after the critically acclaimed “Negative”, FEED THEM DEATH are back with another slab of fast, dissonant and chaotic anti-music. Eleven new tracks eccentrically fusing Grindcore, Death Metal, D-beat, Sludge, 80’s Crust-Punk / Thrashcore and Noise Rock with a deconstructed and improvisational jazz sensibility.

FEED THEM DEATH was formed in 2017 by Void, and have so far released 3 full length albums and 1 EP, building a reputation for their fiercely experimental and dissonant approach to extreme music.

For the first time since its inception featuring a full line-up, with “The Malady” the band delivers an unrelenting, unhinged, full frontal assault to the senses, creating something raw, sometimes flawed, but always viscerally real.

The lyrics are once again central to delivery of FEED THEM DEATH message, in continuity with both the punk hardcore early scene and the project’s own ethos of utilizing a vast array of counter-cultural references to engage the listeners in a fierce critique of the world around us. A “fuck you all”, however spelt with literacy and intelligence, borrowing from George Orwell’s 1984, or from classical references like the paraboles of Sisyphus and Icarus, to reflect upon universals such as hate, guilt or human frailty, towards a possible redemption offered by the power of individuality and the freedom of thought: because yes, “People are a malady” and what we think we know is often “Deleterious”, but “Above All… and so below – tumult is the only thing aglow!”



1. Above All… 01:14
2. Two Minutes Hate 01:56
3. Autopsy 03:08
4. Deleterious 03:18
5. Them, the Guiltless 03:36
6. D.E.A.T.H. 02:58
7. The Malady 01:58
8. Stygian Tide 02:33
9. Panopticism II 03:18
10. Two More Minutes 01:54
11. …And So Below 01:51

Listen to the third and final single “Two Minutes Hate” below:



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