OBSCENE EXTREME FESTIVAL 2024 final line-up is here!

obscene extreme festival 2024, OEF

Well, we can finally say: Obscene Extreme Festival 2024 is going to be bloody!

Festival will start on Wednesday 3 July until Sunday 7 July 2024.


Autopsy – Death metal
Immolation – Death Metal
Napalm Death – Grindcore/Death Metal


Abraded – Death Metal / Grindcore
Acid Force – Thrash Metal
Acidez – Hardcore Punk
Acranius – Brutal Death Metal
Analepsy – Brutal Slamming Death Metal
Anarchus – Grindcore
Angelus Apatrida – Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal
Aposento – Death Metal
Ação Direta – Hardcore
Beaver Fever – Grindcore
Belushi Speed Ball – Crossover Thrash
Birdflesh – Grindcore
Blood – Grindcore / Death Metal
Brain Tourniquet – Powerviolence
C.a.r.n.e. – Grind
Cluster Bomb Unit – D-Beat
Convulse – Death Metal
Crawl – Death metal
Cripple Bastards – Grindcore
Cryptic Brood – Death Metal
Cutterred Flesh – Death metal
Deliriant Nerve – Grindcore / Death Metal
Devourment – Death Metal
Distaste – Grindcore
Dropdead – Hardcore / Noise / Punk
Dying Fetus – Death Metal
Endorphins Lost – Powerviolence
Escarnium – Death Metal
Failure – Fastcore/Powerviolence
Final Exit – Noisecore
Fleshless – Death Metal | Grindcore
Groinchurn – Grindcore
Gruesome – Death Metal
Gummo – Grindcore
Gutalax – Goregrind
Haemorrhage – Goregrind
Hail Of Rage – Hardcore
Holycide – Thrash Metal
Hordur – Grind / Death
Hostia – Death Metal, Grindcore
Inhume – Death Metal, Grindcore
Internal Suffering – Death Metal
Kandarivas – Grind
Kraanium – Brutal Death Metal
Lahar – Thrash Metal
Manger Cadavre? – Crust Punk
Mass Worship – Dark Metal
Meat Spreader – Goregrind/Death Metal
Melt Banana – Noise rock, punk hardcore
Mortify – Grindcore
Mutilated Judge – Gore Grind
Necro Bart Inferno – Grindcore
Nuclear Warfare – Thrash Metal
Phane – Hardcore Punk
Protector – Thrash / Death Metal
Putridity – Brutal Death Metal
Ratos de Porão – Hardcore Punk / Crossover Thrash Metal
Rebaelliun – Extreme Death Metal
Rompeprop – Grindcore
Ruidosa Inmundicia – Fastcore
Sabbat – Black Metal / Thrash Metal
Sangre de Idiotas – Grindcore
Sedem Minut Strachu – Noisecore
See You In Hell – Fastcore/Hardcore punk
Shitstorm – Grindcore
Sickrecy – Grindcore
Siege – Hardcore Punk / Grindcore
Symbtomy – Death metal
Sølitär – Crust Punk
Terveet Kädet – Hardcore Punk
The Arson Project – Hardcore Grind
The Crown – Melodic Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Trucido – Grind
Utilize The Remains – Brutal Slamming Death Metal
Vile – Brutal Death Metal
Walking Corpses – Grindcore
Whoresnation – Grindcore
Will Cope – Hardcore Punk / Powerviolence
Wolfbrigade – Hardcore, Punk, Metal

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