PIG DESTROYER Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Remixed and Remastered Reissue of Painter of Dead Girls

pig destroyer painter of dead girls

PIG DESTROYER – Painter of Dead Girls (Reissue) out Aug 9 on 12″/CD/CS through Relapse Records, with remastered digital streaming now available.

PIG DESTROYER celebrates the 20th anniversary with a remixed and remastered reissue of Painter of Dead Girls, a collection of early recordings and b-sides.

Available on vinyl for the first time in nearly a decade, this compilation is divided into two parts.

The first half features tracks originally recorded as an equipment burn-in test before the band’s seminal full-length album, Prowler In The Yard. The second half includes tracks from their cult splits with GNOB and BENÜMB, covers of HELMET and THE STOOGES, the long-lost track “Delusional Supremacy 2K,” and a raw basement live recording of “Rejection Fetish.”

The cover art, created by Chris Taylor of Pg. 99, who also designed the iconic Terrifyer album art, commemorates its own 20th anniversary later this year.

PIG DESTROYER – Painter of Dead Girls tracklist:

1. Hymn (2024 Remaster) 01:38
2. Taskmaster (2024 Remaster) 00:45
3. Black Centipede (2024 Remaster) 00:31
4. Immune To Life (2024 Remaster) 00:28
5. Fuck You Up And Get High (2024 Remaster) 00:34
6. Contagion (2024 Remaster) 00:16
7. Black Dice (2024 Remaster) 00:26
8. Delusional Supremacy 2000 (2024 Remaster) 00:46
9. Blond Prostitute (2024 Remaster) 00:56
10. Patterns Of Failure (2024 Remaster) 01:26
11. Rejection Fetish (2024 Remaster) 01:38
12. Dark Satellites (2024 Remaster) 00:51
13. Purity Undone (2024 Remaster) 00:35
14. Forgotten Child (2024 Remaster) 01:31
15. White Sand (2024 Remaster) 00:28
16. Painter Of Dead Girls (2024 Remaster) 00:48
17. Down On the Streets (2024 Remaster) 03:40
18. In The Meantime (2024 Remaster) 03:03
19. Rejection Fetish (Live – 2024 Remaster) 01:42

Listen to re-mastered PIG DESTROYER – Rejection Fetish below:



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